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Hobbywing NEW Xrotor 40A Speed Controller for Multicopter

Hobbywing NEW Xrotor 40A Speed Controller for Multicopter
Part No.: XRotor-40A
Manufacturer: Hobbywing

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1.1 rotor is special program, the throttle response speed, surpass all kinds of open source software;
1.2 firmware for disk motor optimization, have very good motor compatibility;
1.3 highly intelligent, adaptive ability, keeping only into the Angle set (Gao Jinjiao/into Angle), is extremely easy to use;
1.4 the throttle signal lines for twisted pair, effectively reduce the signal within the copper wire transmission of crosstalk, make flying is more stable;
1.5 up to support the refresh rate of up to 621 hz throttle signal, compatible with all kinds of flight control (note: more than 500 hz throttle signals are non standard throttle);
1.6 use special MOSFET driver chip, performance and stability than using discrete component of driving circuit;
1.7 low impedance MOSFET, strong resistance to flow ability.

Product Details

Input: 2-6 s lithium electricity
Sustained current: 40 a.
The instantaneous current: 60 a (10 seconds)
Size: 68 * 25 * 8.7 mm
Weight: 26 g
BEC output: no
Plug: 3.5 mm banana plugs
Programmable project: into the Angle: high/medium

Item Packing

-Hobbywing NEW Xrotor 40A Speed Controller for Multicopter  X 1

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