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Hobbywing EZRUN MAX10 SCT BEC Waterproof 2-4S Brushless ESC F 1/10 RC Car Truck

Hobbywing EZRUN MAX10 SCT BEC Waterproof 2-4S Brushless ESC F 1/10 RC Car Truck
Part No.: MAX10-SCT
Manufacturer: Hobbywing

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1. Solid hardware foundation combined with more advanced software that allows the ESC to provide extreme violence
While the output power, both real-time multi-overload protection, significantly reduced high
Probability load ESC damage, reliability and durability is greatly improved
2. ESC has a powerful explosive and stable output power for a vehicle to easily complete a variety of actions
Whether the rise of violent start, straight line speed, flying slope, etc., are more than enough power. Simultaneously,
Players can also adjust the power transfer parameters, resulting in smooth and supple effect of the low-speed start.
3. Electronic switch life is more than 50,000 times, waterproof, dustproof, shock-resistant, completely solve the traditional
Mechanical switch in dusty, humidity and other harsh environments prone reed stuck, contact corrosion,
As well as due to severe impact (flying landing slope) caused by mechanical switches automatically turn off other issues.
4. Excellent waterproof and dustproof performance in all weather conditions,
Easy to deal with complex road containing sand, snow, hydrocephalus.
5. Filter capacitor in the RC industry's first thermal protection, this additional protection is effective
Customer avoid overload resulting from the use of explosive capacitance, which resulted in the ESC completely damaged.
6. ESC support firmware upgrade

Product Details

Product Name : Hobbywing EzRun MAX10 SCT
Type : 1 / 10th full waterproof sense brushless
Hardware parameters continuous / peak current : 120A / 760A
Batteries : 2-4S LiPo / 6-12 Cells NiMH
Switch Mode BEC Output:  6V / 7.4V, 3A
Wire and plug; power cord;
Red -12AWG-200mm x  1 / black -12AWG-200mm x 1
Output lines :  black -12AWG-200mm x  3
Power cord; no plug
Output plug; gold 4.0 plug (female)
Note: All of the above materials are all wire length of wire length, rather than actually exposed to the external power transfer wire length, the actual power transfer will be slightly shorter than the exposed length of the target value.
Fan size :  25.0x25.0x10.0mm
Supply voltage range :  5-7.4V
To take power from the way; take power from BEC; parametric programming mode, the ESC itself SET key support
LED programming box parameter adjustment :  Support
LCD programming box parameter adjustment :  Support
WiFi Express Wireless module : support
Programming interface :  fan-shared
Firmware online upgrade :  support
size :  49.0x39.5x34.7mm
Weight :  105g
Applications :  support for the motor type;
No sense of brushless motor / Thoughts brushless motor (work only in non-inductive mode)
Applicable models :  1 / 10th short card / truck / monster truck
Motor KV value / T number : 2S LiPo: KV≤6000; 3S LiPo: KV≤4000; 4S LiPo: KV≤3000 (36XX series motors)

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