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Hobbywing Platinum 50A V3 Brushless ESC For 450 450L RC Helicopter

Hobbywing Platinum 50A V3 Brushless ESC For 450 450L RC Helicopter
Part No.: PLT50V3
Manufacturer: Hobbywing

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Multiple flight mode, a wide range of applicability
Aircraft - Airplane mode
Helicopters - fixed speed off mode
Helicopters - Elf constant speed mode
Helicopters - Storage fixed speed mode
The new fixed speed algorithms , excellent constant speed effect.
Excellent slow startup performance , completely eliminating drift phenomenon helicopter startup.
Flameout landing restart time is adjustable, can be manually interrupted flameout landing process and quickly restart the motor , avoid handling errors and crash .
PWM frequency up to 32KHz, the drive motor is running smoother , quieter .
The industry's most powerful built-in high-power switch-mode BEC: Platinum-50A-V3: BEC output voltage 5.2V/6.0V/7.4V adjustable output current continues 7A, instant 15A;
Independent of speed (RPM) signal output interface , simplifying without aileron system peripherals
Independent parameters set Interface (Program Port), for connecting multi-function LCD programming box set is not compatible with normal Platinum Card .
Independent parameters to set the interface can run real-time status data output power transfer , with data transfer module can be real-time data monitoring and recording .  professional electronic engineers can use ESC to run real-time output data to develop more applications.
ESC firmware can be updated online .
Compact and rugged construction .

Product Details

Continuous Current: 50A
Instantaneous Current: 75A
BEC Output: Switching mode, 5.2v/6.0v/7.4v continued 7A, 15A instantaneous
Input voltage :2-6s lithium battery section,5-18 nickel-chromium nickel-metal hydride batteries
Parameter programming function
Volume: 48x30x15.5mm (length x width x height)

Item Packing

 1 x Hobbywing Platinum 50A V3 Brushless ESC

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