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New CUAV Air Link 4G Data Telemetry Support 4G /3G /2G Network Data Transmission Module for RC FPV Drone Parts ACCE

New CUAV Air Link 4G Data Telemetry Support 4G /3G /2G Network Data Transmission Module for RC FPV Drone Parts ACCE
Manufacturer: CUAV

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Air Link is a network data communication link independently developed by CUAV. It relies on the LTE wireless network (public or private network) to build a data interaction network between users and drones, allowing you to control the flight status of the drone. Compared with the traditional point-to-point data transmission, it has the characteristics of unlimited distance transmission, background monitoring and convenient deployment.

Air Link 4G Data Telemetry
The cost-effective digital data telemetry developed by CUAV supports 4G/3G/2G network with network delay as low as 40~20ms.

Unlimited interconnection
Relying on the advanced 4G communication network, the anti-interference ability is strong, the data security level is high, and the area covered by the 4G signal can communicate. The client operates the drone without the limitation of distance and area, realizing the real drone networking.

Product Details

Product Performance
* Network Frequency 
  LTE (FDD): B1、B3、B8
  LTE (TDD): B38、B39、B40、B41
  TD-SCDMA: B34、B39
  EDGE/GPRS/GSM : 900/1800 MHz
* Network Rate 
  DC-HSPA+: Download:42 Mbps uploda: 5.76 Mbps
  LTE TDD: Downlaod:112Mbps uploda: 10Mbps
  LTE FDD: Downlaod:150 Mbps uploda: 50 Mbps
* Autopilot: CUAV Autopilot,Pixhawk etc
* Data protocol: Mavlink1、Mavlink2
* Communication delay: 20-40ms
* Autopilot type: V5+、V5 Nano、Pixhack、Pixhawk etc
* Autopilot firmware: PX4/Ardupilot
* Antenna interface: MMCX inner hole
Work Environment
* Voltage input: 12 - 55V
* Temperature: -10 - +60°C
Appearance Size
* Size: 54.5mmX33.5mmX13.5mm
* Weight: 42g

Item Packing

Air link Module  * 1
Air link Antenna * 2
V5+ V5 nano Flight control data cable * 2
V5/V3/V2 Flight control data cable * 1
Pixhawk Flight control cable * 1

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