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Toro SC120A 4000kv Motor Combo for 1/10 Short Course

Toro SC120A 4000kv Motor Combo for 1/10 Short Course
Part No.: SC120A-ComboA
Manufacturer: Imax Charge
Quantity:out of stock

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Congratulations and thank you for purchasing TORO, Short Course(SC), high performance
brushless motor electronic speed control. The TORO SC,brushless ESC represents a latest
technologies, providing all the features and robust design qualities.

Product Details

Controls, TORO SC
Rev/Brk/Brk or Fwd/Fwd
Motor Limits, TORO SC
Input Power (Cells)
Brushless KV 6000
Up to 2S(8.4Volt),ideal for 1/10 Short Course
Brushless KV 4000
Up to 3S(12.6Volt),ideal for 1/10 buggies and Short Course
Brushless KV 3000
Up to 4S(16.8Volt),ideal for 1/8 buggies
On Resistance,    Brushless
0.0004 Ohms per phase at 25℃(77°FTrans.Temp
Continuous/Burst Current
Switching BEC
6V 5Amp
Status LED
1 with 3 color (Red, Green & Orange)
Thermal Overload Protection
Weight(Without wires)
tem Name Toro 4000KV/4P BL Motor for 1/10 Short Course Truck
Sensored /Sensorless sensorless No loading
Max power 2000W Max current 155A
KV value 4000KV Resistance (Ω) 0.0064Ω
Poles 4P Max voltage 21V
Size 36*62.5mm Weight 220g
Extend shaft diameter
5mm Length of extend shaft 15.5mm

Item Packing

-TORO SC120A X 1
-Toro 4000KV/4P BL Motor  X 1
-Program Card  X 1

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